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As cities move beyond their roles as economic and livelihood centers and turn towards becoming‘livable’and…

Living With Risk

Cities need to address urban vulnerabilities emanating from climate change impacts, out of control urban…

Chuck Urban JARGONS

The world is becoming predominately urban. It is always expanding and so is the vocabulary relating to city development. A lot of new buzz words are thrown around to put forward the idea about specific kinds of urban development. We must stay away from pointless gobbledygook to focus on real issues plaguing our cities

Rurban; best of both worlds

Beyond the cities, there is vitality and energy in smaller towns especially given our vast geographical spread and diversity in the economic and social fabric. Policy interventions can help make these locations attractive for locals and to stem the urban deluge.

Chinks in the Armour

Urbanisation is no longer an option for India. Urban population is expected to grow to 590 million by 2030. India needs to build 15 cities of Mumbai’s size in next 10 years to accommodate the population. Cities would also need to invest hugely on infrastructure to bridge the infrastructure gap for ensuring high-quality living standards. It is estimated that India would require, over the next 10 years, between USD 800 billion and USD 2.2 trillion of investment in infrastructure to sustain economic growth

Let there be Light

Can India ensure ‘24×7 power for all’ by 2022 without increasing its emission? Yes, India can. The government has decided to invest hugely in renewable energy to meet its growing power demands in the wake of fast-paced urbanisation and economic development. The new policy decisions in the sector have to balance feasibility, affordability and environmental sustainability

Cities under Threat

Building safe cities needs a radical surgery of existing urban safety and security mechanism. There is a growing need that local governments improve their safety mechanism to make cities impregnable through traditional ways and means such as
improving intelligence systems and also through enrooting integrated technological tools for crime and conflict prevention