BMC denied duty, Citizens took initiative to travel safely

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MUMBAI: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) administration can claim that its roads are well, but the common roads run on those roads are plagued by the Mumbai caves. In such a situation, some people jumped and took the ball and jumped themselves on the ground. They are spending their pockets on the roads so that they can benefit them and other people can travel safely.

The roads of Goregaon Road are very bad. People complained about the BMC complaining, but no result is coming out. In such a situation, the workers of Emple Mission and Dadar Bhilore jumped into the field for themselves and ballast. They filled the road’s potholes. The institution itself is spending the filling expenses. Anil Kashi Murarka, a doctor associated with the institution, says, “Instead of accusing BMC or any agency, we should do ourselves as much as we can. Our institution is doing this.

Local citizen Captain Malik from Kurla has prepared himself the entire machinery to fill the road’s potholes. Till now, they have packed seven cars using RMC, a cart cold mix. To fill the pit, Malik has rented a private roller. In the Bhati and Kurhesi town where the complaint was lodged, the rollers and laborers went out to fill the potholes. Malik says, “BMC workers do not even listen to the common man. In this case, people come only to the corporator. Now the corporators will not work, so where will they go, so instead of bolting around the BMC, they are throwing the pit itself.

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