Vijaykumar V

Sr. Advisor, AIILSG

Funding the fight against climate...

A few weeks ago several Indian states were to suffer yet again from nature’s fury while others braced for its coming impact. Cyclone Ockhi, after devastating the coasts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and the Lakshadweep islands, moved towards Maharashtra and Gujarat once again highlighting the deadly natural disasters caused by climate change

Rurban; best of both worlds

Beyond the cities, there is vitality and energy in smaller towns especially given our vast geographical spread and diversity in the economic and social fabric. Policy interventions can help make these locations attractive for locals and to stem the urban deluge.

Towards 100% renewable Energy

A 2011 study by Stanford University Professor Mark Jacobson and Mark Delucchi stated that it was entirely possible to move to 100% renewable energy supply globally. They articulated their vision based on a conviction that it is feasible to generate all new energy with renewables by 2030

A clarion call to action

Every day millions of Indians travel out and come back home using our roads. In 2015, about 146,000 Indians did not make it back home. Nearly 2.6 million came home with serious injuries. Every death due to a road accident is a tragedy, not just for that family but for the entire nation. A tragedy because that life need not have been lost, with just a little more care on the part of all concerned

We need Haste; no more...

Municipal Waste Management is one function which is entirely handled by the ULBs. Waste management…

Pune to revamp navigability, civic...

‘Pune-The Most Livable City in India’. That is the Vision of Puneites for their City. Citizens were indeed overwhelmed with joy as their city was ranked second out of 97 contestants in the Stage II of the smart cities challenge