Abhishek Pandey


Abhishek is a Delhi based journalist. He tells city centric, data-driven stories about urbanisation, sustainability, social issues and culture through words and graphics.

Future of Mobility

The steep increase in pollution levels in Indian cities, a significant evolution of technology in…

Let There Be Water

India’s cities are on the frontline of the ‘worst water crisis in its history’. 21…

Think cities beyond urban walls

Augmented reality, off-grid energy, provision of hi-tech services all over, continuing improvements in communication technologies,…

Living With Risk

Cities need to address urban vulnerabilities emanating from climate change impacts, out of control urban…

Chuck Urban JARGONS

The world is becoming predominately urban. It is always expanding and so is the vocabulary relating to city development. A lot of new buzz words are thrown around to put forward the idea about specific kinds of urban development. We must stay away from pointless gobbledygook to focus on real issues plaguing our cities

Chinks in the Armour

Urbanisation is no longer an option for India. Urban population is expected to grow to 590 million by 2030. India needs to build 15 cities of Mumbai’s size in next 10 years to accommodate the population. Cities would also need to invest hugely on infrastructure to bridge the infrastructure gap for ensuring high-quality living standards. It is estimated that India would require, over the next 10 years, between USD 800 billion and USD 2.2 trillion of investment in infrastructure to sustain economic growth

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