Abhilash Khandekar

National Political Editor

Look East, Visit East, Enjoy East!

After introducing a series of books on cities, I took a break to introduce to you, my dear book loving readers, a magnificent architect’s wonderful book in the May issue of this magazine.

Architecture infuses livability in cities

Christopher Benninger’s book ‘Architecture for Modern India’ brings some fascinating facts about the role of architecture that will not only make cities scientifically and aesthetically pleasing but also humane. Such a city would lead to creation of recreation zones,inclusive public participation and an existence that would be in synchronisation with nature. Government sponsored schemes such as AMRUT, HRIDAY and Smart City can get interesting insights from this book

Tap the potential of waste its urgent now!

India is one of the world’s fastest urbanising countries. It has its advantages and disadvantages. But if we are also the dirtiest then obviously there’s a problem. The solid waste generated in big cities and small towns is acquiring humongous proportions, notwithstanding the admirable “Swachh Bharat “ campaign, the pet project of PM Narendra Modi.

urban update

Of safe cities and governance!

Among the essential conditions for any society to be called developed and modern, an element of safety of its citizens should be of paramount importance. There should be no two opinions about that now

Rurban Mission a game changer

Increasing influx of people in cities and associated problems cannot be solved only by focusing on infrastructural development in urban areas. There is a need to provide better living conditions and employment opportunities in villages and small towns to tackle urban problems holistically

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