Artificial Intelligence to manage Delhi’s traffic

New Delhi: Delhi is all set to have country’s first Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) which will work on a radar-based monitoring with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  This artificial intelligence based Traffic management system will help decongest Delhi’s traffic and will ease the work of Traffic police. The proposal sent by the Delhi Traffic Police has been approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). The first phase of the ITMS will be completed by April 2019.

Confirming the initiative Dependra Pathak, special commissioner of Police, Traffic said, “The aim is to reduce the manual interface to minimal. AI to determine the flow of traffic, automated enforcement, and communication to change the face of the traffic situation in Delhi.  Ideally, a traffic officer on the road would leave the carriageway opened for equal minutes in order to ensure smooth flow of traffic. In such a scenario not all carriageways have heavy volume. With AI coming in place, the signals would work according to the volume of traffic on each road.”

The project will be implemented in three phases which costs around Rs 1000 crore. With the aim of providing relief to the people of Delhi from traffic, the ITMS system will have high-resolution CCTV cameras which not only capture commuters who will break traffic rules but automatically will raise the challan that would be sent to their home. The system will also have Automated Number Plate Recognition cameras (ANPR) and lane monitoring system. This system will analyze traffic patterns, volume, and other factors in traffic monitoring then it will be sent to the cloud server which would then be used to manage traffic in the computerized and mechanized way.

With this system coming into implementation, Delhi Police will be able to manage traffic in more efficient way.

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