Anti-pollution tower to tackle Delhi’s air pollution

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NEW DELHI: In an initiative to reduce levels of particulate matter in the air, the Delhi government on a trial basis started testing ‘anti-pollution’ towers at the Indraprastha Marg flyover in ITO to evaluate the technology.

The government in a statement said that the towers will help in reducing the pollution by absorbing the particulate matter from surrounding and release fresh air back into the atmosphere. Yet the towers are set up on experimental basis to check its effectiveness in the reduction of particulate matter.

Delhi environment minister Imran Hussain said, “The performance of these towers will be monitored and the results obtained will be evaluated for checking their efficacy and utility. If found effective the government may install these towers at prominent locations, especially at busy traffic intersections.”

In December, the Delhi government had tested another technology to tackle air pollution. They fixed ‘Smog gun’ at the busy Anand Vihar ISBT- a location which is known to be severely polluted. The machine was capable of spraying atomised water up to a height of 100 metres in fine particles to settle particulate matter in the surrounding area. But experiment turned out to be unsuccessful.


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