AI to be used for crowd management at Kumbh 2019

artificial intelligence
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LUCKNOW: Kumbh Mela 2019 is going to witness the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for better crowd management by the police force for the first time.

Awanish Awasthi, UP Additional Chief Secretary said, “This will be for the first time that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be used in Kumbh Mela. Over 1,000 CCTV cameras will be used to monitor various movements across the Mela area spread across 3,200 hectares.”

The artificial technology is going to be used by the integrated command and control centre of police, from which police officials will keep a check at crowd movement, access crowd size and look for any suspicious activity happening in the Kumbh premises.

During Kumbh, traffic management is also planned by ensuring management of traffic at multiple channels which will be integrated by using Google maps.

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