ADB sanctions $300 million loan for infrastructural development in Rajasthan

ADB sanctions $300 million loan for infrastructural development in Rajasthan
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JAIPUR: A loan of $300 million has been approved by The Asian Development Bank (ADB) to develop Rajasthan’ secondary towns. ADB said that the loan has been sanctioned to improve water supply, sanitation infrastructure and services in towns of Rajasthan.

ADB added that the initiative is expected to build wide-ranging access to improved water supply services for around five lakh people and better sewage and sanitation services for about seven lakh people in secondary towns.

Na Won Kim, ADB Senior Urban Development Specialist for South Asia, said that association with ADB assures financial sustainability and institutional boost in local governments, and new helpful practices. She further said that advanced features such as smart technologies and cost-effective system should be extensively introduced in other cities of Rajasthan and further off.

The Manila-headquartered bank said that at least eight projects of water supply systems are believed to improve by 2027 as a result of this initiative. About one lakh urban poor households with five new or rehabilitated water treatment plants will be benefiting from this project. This project will establish on three previous related projects and sector reforms supported by ADB in Rajasthan.

The project will come up with improved economic assistance to women and weaker groups through skill training, various internships and awareness activities.

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