Above 80% of Europe’s natural habitat in miserable condition

Above 80% of Europe’s natural habitat in miserable condition
Above 80% of Europe’s natural habitat in miserable condition

NEW DELHI: A report released by the European Environmental Agency (EEA) on Monday, October 19, shows that more than 80 per cent of European Union’s natural habitat is in a miserable condition. The report examines the period between 2013-2014 and shows that the condition of Europe’s natural habitats has deteriorated as compared to the period between 2007-2012. In the period between 2007-2012, 77 per cent of European natural habitats were in an ‘unfavourable condition’.

Carlos Romao, an EEA expert and one of the authors of the report, said that a large scale reconditioning in Europe is urgently needed, not only for the conservation of biodiversity but also for the climate change agenda.

Among others, intensive agriculture, tourism, urban extension, unsustainable forestry activities and pollution put damaging pressure on habitats and species. Commonly found species like skylark and habitats like wet heaths are diminishing across the continent.

A six-year investigation by EEA recorded over 67,000 types of human activities which deteriorate the environment in the 28 states of the continent, inclusive of Britain. The reports also showed that the habitats important to the pollinators are more affected than the other areas. Pollinators, being important to the planet’s biodiversity, raise a great concern.

According to EEA, natural habitats protected by EU’s Natura 2000 network are in a better condition than other habitats. Noah, an environmental group and a member of “Friends of the Earth” umbrella organisation, said that protection just by Natura 2000 won’t be enough. European Union should take more steps to protect 30 per cent of the land and 30 per cent of the marine areas by law.

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