Abandoned houses for free in Japan

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TOKYO: There are around eight million abandoned houses in Japan and the number is going up day by day. With this pace, Japan is expected to have around 20 million empty houses by 2033 as per a report from Fujitsu Research Institute.

A major reason behind this is the ageing population of Japan because of which Japan’s population growth rate is in a declining phase. The average age of people in Japan is 41 which is the highest in the world.

As more and more Japanese citizens either die or shuffle into retirement homes, an increasing number of houses around the country are being left vacant. There are not enough young population around to fill the void, and those present are taking longer to have families.

The Japanese government is now trying to incentivise people to move into and renovate the empty homes by either selling them super cheap or occasionally giving them away for nothing at all (bar some taxes).

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