A village in UP uses 100% solar power to meet energy demands

UP village becomes renewable energy model
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AMROHA: A village in Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh presenting itself a model of renewable energy by fulfilling all its electricity demands through solar power. The village ‘Mandirowala Bhuddi’ under Chakanwala Panchayat is completely solar powered and have no electric poles. As a part of government’s scheme, solar panels are installed at every house of the village.

Kanwar Singh Tanwar, Member of Parliament, Amroha said, “This area was surrounded by the river Ganges and we planned to make use of the power of the river. We have installed solar panels in each house in the area to make the lives better and easy. We will also start working on the project pertaining to road connectivity very soon.”

A few of villagers talked about how solar power has made their life easy and helped to bring light in village. Imarti, a resident of the village said, “This is very beneficial for us as we can do our household work easily in this solar light and I expect that government will do the same thing to brighten the roads as well.” The children of the village can be seen studying in groups using solar powered lights during night hours.

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