5 things that Master Plan of Delhi 2041 will include

5 things that Master Plan of Delhi 2041 will include
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NEW DELHI: In order to better plan for future urban development in Delhi, the new Master Plan of Delhi (MPD) 2041 will focus on a range of issues which were not addressed in the current MPD 2021. Some of these issues include proper and timely implementation of critical urban development policies like transit oriented development, which was mentioned in MPD 2021 but could not be implemented. 

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has roped in the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), the body which advises the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) on issues related to urban development, to prepare the MPD 2041. The two organisations are currently holding public consultations regarding the plan. 

Following are the five main issues which the new MPD 2041 is likely to address or have special focus on:

  1. Air Pollution

In order to address one of the most pressing issues that Delhi faces every year, officials involved in drawing up MPD 2041 are looking at pollution and traffic data, comparing it with advanced geographical information to get the bigger picture on what factors could be affecting air quality. The solutions could include planning for more green areas, encouraging a pedestrian attitude in travelling in the city and making changes that could limit or re-route the entry of heavy vehicles into the city – one of the most prominent sources of pollution.

  1. Walkability

DDA had notified the policy for ‘enhancing walkability’ in the city last year. The key features of the draft policy include time-bound implementation of area specific ‘walk plan’, a centralised city-wide monitoring system, and a ‘walk Delhi’ coordination, monitoring committee, among other measures. The focus will be on making the city, especially areas around residential neighbourhoods, markets etc, pedestrian friendly.

  1. Unauthorised colonies

Despite the central government’s decision of giving ownership rights to people residing in 1,731 unauthorised colonies in Delhi, the development of these colonies was left out of the ambit of MPD 2021. However, the new MPD is going to focus on development of infrastructure in these colonies. DDA and NIUA held public consultations with the residents of these colonies to know their problems. 

  1. Pandemic Resilience

The coronavirus pandemic has made urban planners aware of the need to make Delhi a pandemic resilient city, ready to implement preventive measures like social distancing and hand sanitising for people whenever the need arrives. In order to do this, pandemic resilience has been added as a criteria of development in MPD 2041.

  1. Blue Green policy

The plan is to revive water bodies and clean the drains and integrate it with the green areas around it so that it can be used as a recreational space.

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