Month: December 2017


Urbanization is on the roll the world over.  More than half of the world’s population has come to stay in urban areas, which proportion is increasing globally. According to the Ministry of Urban Development, India is in the midst of the transition from a predominantly rural to a quasi-urban society.  Urbanization in India has become an important and irreversible process, and an important determinant of national economic growth and poverty reduction.

Local bodies need to be part of climate agenda

As the world grapples with climate crisis, the cities have gained increasing recognition as battleground in the fight against climate change. Climate finance for cities and Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) are becoming more important than ever. A combination of national and international financial resources, drawn from public and private climate finance sources could be key enable for Urban Local Bodies ambition for climate action.  It is therefore important for Indian ULBs to define its climate finance resources as crucial effort to meet goals on climate change.

Breathing to death

Air pollution causes thirty percent premature deaths in India. The situation is getting worse by the day. While people are choking to death, in place of an urgent solution we get is blame game

Takeaways from Bonn

The recently concluded 23rd edition of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UN…

MMB to have jetties at Borivali

The Maharashtra Maritime Board (MMB) has floated Expression of Interest (EoI) for developing passenger ferry services between NCPA at Nariman Point and Borivali. Earlier there were plans for developing ferry services with stoppages at locations like Bandra, Versova, Marve, Juhu and in the following phase to link South Mumbai and the western suburbs.

Maharashtra launches project to connect farmlands with solar power

To provide the state’s farmlands 12 hours uninterrupted power by tapping solar energy, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis laid the foundation stone for a pilot project at Ralegan-Siddhi, the famed model village created by social crusader Anna Hazare, under the state government’s ‘Mukhyamantri Agricultural Solar Feeder Scheme’.