Month: April 2017

The Changemaker

Urban Update speaks to one of the youngest woman sarpanches in the country, and the…

Rurban; best of both worlds

Beyond the cities, there is vitality and energy in smaller towns especially given our vast geographical spread and diversity in the economic and social fabric. Policy interventions can help make these locations attractive for locals and to stem the urban deluge.

Cities, villages can’t grow in silos

The promise of inclusive nation building aspires to transform rural and urban areas alike. The reality today presents the stark contrast in terms of efficient services and high-end infrastructure deficit in almost every Indian village. Is sprawl of cities an urban blight on villages?

Villages can offer solution to urban crisis

Almost three million people move to cities every week globally. Failing agriculture, saturated economic growth, and basic infrastructure deficit have impelled people from villages to migrate to urban centers. Cities that are already overburdened are in no condition to handle growing population influx. An overview of state-of-affairs in Indian villages to understand the areas which need immediate attention and will help check rural-urban migration

urban update

Roadmap for smart villages

Mahatma Gandhi said, “the future of India lies in its villages”. Despite government’s focus on villages for many decades, villages remain poorly serviced and governed. India has been an agricultural economy yet the sector is still not a well-paying livelihood option. Generating new avenues of employment in villages, reviving agriculture and improving services in rural areas are some of the components that need to be included right away in rural development policies.

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Sustainable Urban Drainage and New Urban Agenda

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) are the most appropriate current solutions but SUDS can only be implemented with good policies, supportive stakeholder groups and partnerships so that these new ideas, which cut across existing methods and practices, can be accepted.