Month: February 2017

India’s Energy Conundrum

India would require at least USD300 billion as investment, over the next six years, for
renewables, with around $100 billion solely required for solar power. The nation is among the top five countries which are making huge investment in renewable energy to meet their growing power demands. Apart from this, the government has launched many initiatives and policy interventions to promote energy efficiency and improve operational efficiency of the energy sector as a whole

urban update

Who will finance clean energy?

The clean energy sector in India requires a huge investment of almost USD 160 billion in the next six years if the nation wants to accomplish the target as desired

“We try to engage all stakeholders in city planning”

N Manjushree, CEO, Bengaluru Urban Zilla Panchayat, speaks to Kumar Dhananjay, Consulting Editor, Urban Update, on tackling solid waste problem, reviving water bodies and other problems in Bengaluru city. She reiterates technology would play a significant role in improving access to better urban civic services

Tap the potential of waste its urgent now!

India is one of the world’s fastest urbanising countries. It has its advantages and disadvantages. But if we are also the dirtiest then obviously there’s a problem. The solid waste generated in big cities and small towns is acquiring humongous proportions, notwithstanding the admirable “Swachh Bharat “ campaign, the pet project of PM Narendra Modi.