Month: January 2017

No cities for women

Any civilized society will hang its head in shame after what happened in Bengaluru and Delhi on New Year’s Eve.  Hundreds of drunken men on the streets of Bengaluru went after hapless women returning from New Year celebrations indulging in mass molestation while state machinery remained a mute spectator.


Numbers of private vehicles in Indian cities are on the continuous rise. It is not just causing air pollution and congestion on city roads but also throws up a problem of parking of these vehicles when not in use.

River Basin Management needs sensitive and responsible cities

Rivers enter into cities as rivers but come out of them as dirty dead drains.  This has to change. We can’t take pride in an urban growth that pollutes, decays and destroys our rivers. Rivers gave us the civilizations; the onus lies on us humans to make these civilizations progressive and ones that respect the existence and quality of our rivers.