114 illegal buildings in Noida to be razed

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NOIDA: Noida Authority, which is engaged in conducting surveys of illegal buildings after the incident of Shahberi, released its report on Friday. According to the Authority, 1757 buildings have been made illegal in the survey report. Among them, 114 are such buildings which will soon begin to demolish. Most of these have already gone to legal notice. 261 buildings are built on unprotected land they will be broken after the legal notice is completed. The Authority has included buildings of not more than three floors made in the notified, earned, unearned, shabby and populated villages.

Operations on unprotected 56 buildings

The Authority has also included the houses in their list which are already being processed. These buildings have been sealed in many places including Elaband Nagla Charandas, Garhi Shahdara. Notice to others is being issued. Ten buildings have been demolished in Garhi Chakhandi. According to the Authority, 50 buildings in which the buildings will be demolished, 50 have been sealed 60 others are still under notice. The Authority says that these are the buildings whose land has been acquired and the compensation has been deposited to the district administration.

In spite of this, it has been constructed here. In Nithari, the lawsuits have been registered against the owners of 17 such buildings. Apart from this, notice of unsafe notice has been made on some shabby buildings in Harola, New Bamboo, and Jhundpura. They will also file a lawsuit against them. According to the report, about 2500 acres of land was to be urbanized which could not be done. On such unprotected land, 261 illegal buildings of more than three floors have been constructed, which are illegal.

This survey report states that 1326 built on the population of the village is not in accordance with the building rules. They have buildings above three storeys. The land department is verifying the measles of these buildings. After verification, it will be clear whether the construction is in the notified area of the authority or not. However, the authority clearly states that there is yet to be a policy decision regarding the buildings built in the original population of the villages. Only then can this be said anything on this data.

The ACEO RK Mishra of the Authority said, “These buildings have been identified as unsafe after a surface-level inspection by junior engineers. A committee — comprising a member of the planning department, a project engineer, a structural engineer and a member of RITES Limited — will be constituted to conduct a technical check of these buildings. If found hazardous after this test, these too will be demolished”.

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